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December 1, 2014

December 2014. 

This site is now inactive. 

Current blog posts are now at:

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 (This is an inactive site, irregularly updated and kept active as a source material reference only). 

Please see the above links for current work and contact details.


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IF YOU WANT MORE............

January 6, 2010

HEAD TO: FOR THE LATEST BLOG. for examples of recent work in writing and art. (william hancock) and head to 'The Deep Dance Show' hub thread. for custom jobs in music, art, sound and writing.



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Progressive Psychedelic Trance is........

January 6, 2010

Progressive Psychedelic Trance is a junction of three different pathways of dance music. The ‘progressive’ adjective indicates that the tracks progress gradually. Layering of melodies and rhythms combine to produce textures that rise and fall as the lapping sea does on the shoreline. Some have likened the progression of these tracks to the rise and fall of the the tempo and volume of a classical symphony. A clear analogy…. The ‘Psychedelic’ adjective indicates a ‘trippiness’ to the music. Strange biomechanical sounds, textures and flourishes of sound usually generated artificially by synthesisers but occasionally with ‘real’ sounds such as a tennis ball, barking dog or revving engine taken out of context, placed in a compostion and possibly ‘tweaked’ to accentuate their less obvious sonic signatures . The ‘trance’ noun indicates the rhythmn section. The road, pathway or bed track that the rest of the tune is then built upon. The trance comes from the repeditive nature of the base kick drum rhythmn and is seen over the world in music from the world music of tribal drumming in Africa to the slower and less obvious or pronounced trance of the popular music genre. All music has a ‘trance’ to it in... [More]
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Progressive Psychedelic Trance....What is it?

January 3, 2010

The Deep Dance Show on 99.3 fm Hobart and 10pm to 12am Thursday nights with Will featuring progressive psychedelic trance and its producers. Deep: adjective or adverb. Going or being a long way down from the top or surface, or being of a particular distance from the top to the bottom. Dance: verb. To the body and feet to music. Show: noun. A theatrical performance or a television or radio programme which is entertaining. Progressive: adjective. Developing or happening gradually. Psychedelic: adjective. Causing effects on the mind, such as feelings of deep understanding or seeing strong images. Trance: noun. A temporary condition in which someone is not completely conscious. So what is Progressive Psychedelic Trance? How does it differ from plain Psychedelic Trance. Where is the Psychedelic House? If there is Deep House and Progressive House or even Deep, Progressive House then why not Deep Progressive Psychedelic House? Or even Hip House as opposed to Hip Hop. Deep Progressive Psychedelic Hip House. Now that sounds good………..if I only knew what it sounded like.  Tune in to The Deep Dance Show on 99.3 fm with... [More]
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The Deep Dance Show on

December 4, 2009

Tune in Thursday nights at 10pm for "The Deep Dance Show" with Will Dragonfly playing silky smooth chunky tunes in the progressive psychedelic trance genre. For Hobart locals tune into Edge Radio 99.3 FM, national and internationals tune into streaming live now. With a focus on national and international producers each show brings to the spotlight a wealth of quality dance music for the urban professional body rocker.
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Carbon footprints

November 20, 2009

Does a vegan in a hummer have less of a carbon footprint on the face of this planet than a carnivore (meat-eater) riding a bicycle?
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Blackwood-Acacia Melanoxylon

November 12, 2009

The Australian Blackwood tree (Acacia melanoxylon) can grow to become one of the largest forest trees of the Acacia genus growing to over 40 metres in height and living for up to 50 years. Its class 4 durability (refer to AS 1604) lends itself well to internal use but should be used only in protected external areas. The highly resilient timber possesses a deep, lustrous grain favoured by many cabinet makers and luthiers for its mainly straight but occasionally wavy textured ‘fiddleback’ figure. It cuts fairly easily with moderate to high blunting, accepts many types of common adhesives to varying degrees of success, screws and nails well although seasoned timber may split and turns with nicely finished curves. The range of colouring varies from the light to dark brown with occasional red tinting of the heartwood to the sapwoods light yellow straw colour. Black streaks are also occasionally seen.  Blackwood is popular for benchtops, stairs, cabinet making, boats, kegs and musical instruments giving an ease of workability and warm, clear tonal response ideal for use in guitars, drums, ukuleles, violin bows and organ pipes. Responding well to bending  with 25mm material bending well to a radius...

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May 12, 2009

Australian tonewoods are fast becoming a popular choice for luthiers worldwide in the construction of acoustic and electric guitars. With exotic timbers becoming protected, more expensive and harder to find many guitar builders are moving away from the traditionally used timbers such as East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia), Cuban Mahogany (Swietenia mahogany) and Ceylonese Ebony (Diospyros ebenum) instead favouring superior native Australian tonewoods like Bunya (Araucaria bidwillii), King William Pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides), Queensland Maple (Flindersia brayleyana) and Blackheart Sassafrass (Atherosperma moschatum) to name but a few. Australian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) is an acoustically resonant timber currently experiencing a surge in popularity amongst musical instrument makers around the globe. Found mainly in Tasmania and S-E Victoria this 25-30 metre tree produces a timber that is not only sonically responsive and highly aesthetic but rapidly renewable. The tone produced gives a warmth and characteristic that some makers believe is equal to or better than imported tonewoods like the Mahoganies. With a weight per cubic metre roughly the same as Indian Rosewood and a hardness comparable to European Ash this native tonewood not only sounds incredible but has the habit of producing a stunningly luminous ‘silking’ or ‘fiddleback’ texture in a high percentage... [More]
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January 4, 2009

Rectangular Stadium – CBS Plumbing.
600 words
by William Hancock.

Collingwood Building Services Pty. Ltd. is a wholly Australian owned private company involved in the supply of Hydraulics services to the Commercial, Industrial and Multi-storey Residential building sector since 1924. With permanent offices in Victoria and Queensland, projects in other states are handled on a site by site basis.

The inception of CBS plumbing in the early 1900’s began a company that continues today to ensure quality of work through experience and value of the staff at hand. With many key employees having been with the company for well over 20 years, maintenance of the standards required within the company is well understood and strongly implemented.

The CBS Group of Companies offers clients a one stop shop approach to commercial, high rise and industrial plumbing design, installation, project management and ongoing maintenance. The Major projects division ensures that any large scale contracts that come through are dealt with both time and cost effectively by people who have a wealth of experience and background in this type of specialised area. Wether estimates are required for budget purposes, traditional tendering, negotiated or project managed work, CBS have experience in a range of... [More]
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January 4, 2009

Rectangular Stadium- Connell Wagner
300 words
by William Hancock

As structural engineers for the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Connell Wagner were responsible for the concept, design and detailed development of the roofing and façade panels for the “bio-frame” roof..

With an eye to lowering environmental impact and costing through efficient design and implementation Connell Wagner have made significant structural engineering decisions. “The challenge [was] to produce an engineering design that meets client’s requirements for project deliverables, working with material suppliers and arriving at practical and economical solutions – for manufacturing, assembly [and] installation.”

The shell is designed in a highly repetitive pattern resulting in construction efficiencies. Specialised extrusions were developed to allow for differential movements between the steel superstructure and the aluminium framing, with simple joints and junctions of standard nodes and members used to secure the frame. Advanced CAD/CAM parametric modelling allowed a direct link to the fabricators CAM processes, reducing shop drawings and construction times. The panellised cladding is highly modular and can be brought to the site in finished form. The panels can also be assembled on the ground reducing the amount of high overhead work needed. Over 50% less steel is used than in a traditional cantilever... [More]
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